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The Russell County Chamber of Commerce…

  • Operates the Visitors Center in Lebanon
  • Assists tourists and County residents in vacation and sightseeing plans.
  • Serves as a contact and referral service to local businesses for individuals looking for goods and services in Russell County
  • Works with the Russell County Industrial Development Authority to bring new business to the County.
  • Creates seminars and informational programs to keep businesses within the County aware of changes and new possibilities.
  • Provides information to individuals relocating to our area.
  • Hosts and Coordinates the Russell County Farmers Market to provide local farmers a means of selling their goods.
  • Sponsors the annual “Distinguished Citizenship Awards” in areas of Economic Development, Human Services, and Public Service.


Your Chamber Staff Represents You…

  • By Coordinating with Russell County Tourism Committee
  • By coordinating the County’s partnership with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources in the development of the County’s Historic Resource Inventory.
  • By Serving on Committees for Black Diamond Resource Conservation and Development Board.
  • By Serving on the Executive Board of the Upper Tennessee River Roundtable working to enhance the local watersheds and quality of life as well as develop sustainable economic development opportunities.
  • As a member of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, to bring more attention and businesses to the Southwest Virginia area.
  • By working with the Small Business Development Office and Cedar Center Workforce Development Office to provide better opportunities to businesses and individuals in the workforce.
  • By operating the official web site for Russell County at
  • Attending Expos and Conferences to promote Russell County.
  • Presenting programs to civic clubs, church groups and school groups to promote Russell County.
  • As a contact and referral service for individuals and firms seeking to do business with companies in Russell County.
  • By serving as a contact, worker and promoter for events such as the Russell County Fair, Honaker Rosebud Festival, Clinch River Days Festival, Together for Children, Lebanon Independence Day Celebration, Relay for Life in Russell County, and other county events.
  • By seeking and submitting grants to increase opportunities for Russell County Citizens.
  • By serving on Committees and Groups seeking to make Russell County a better place to live and work.


Your Chamber Will Be Working in Russell County To…

  • Promote each town and community to tourists and new businesses.
  • Promote activities in each community to enhance the life of that area.
  • Publish a County Map with inserts of streets in each community.
  • Design publications to promote each individual community.
  • Recognize new businesses in each community with “Ribbon Cuttings” and publicity.
  • Promote shopping and dealing with business firms in Russell County when making purchases.
  • Develop a strong network among businesses to strengthen business to business purchases of goods and services within the county.
  • Develop a greetings program to welcome individuals who move to Russell County, and inform them of what goods, services, programs, and entertainment our county offers.
  • Continue working to develop quality of life avenues for our young people’s enjoyment.
  • To accomplish these goals, and focus on serving the entire county, the Chamber of Commerce has:
  • A Board of Directors made up of all sectors of business and industry, as well as representation from throughout the County, to help in planning and seeking ways the Chamber can better serve the entire County.
  • Action Committees to help address specific needs throughout the County.
  • Increased membership and staff to allow us more opportunities to better serve the Community.
  • Built greater regional partnerships to increase business opportunities in Russell County.
  • Become a part of the Russell County Chamber of Commerce and help us make our County Grow!


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